Thursday, July 27, 2006

Adventures In Erotica Part 1

We shot our first Orgasmgirl this week. There were 2 days of HD video, using dollys, steadycams, and overhead jib cams. We shot an additional 1/2 day on green screen, and a day and 1/2 of stills. There was a crew of about 20- 25 people and so many lights that they required an automobile-sized power generator to light them. Our studio quickly turned into a convection oven and baked us at smoldering 120 degrees for 4 days.

It was worth it because all of the footage was spectacular! It was amazing, she was amazing. I'm too exhausted to get into details so I'll post a pic:
(I highly recommend clicking on the pic to enlarge it)

What do u guys think of her?


PS. I'll post more pix when I get a chance.


Blogger grrlsweat said...

dear fudge readers,

i gotta chime in here cause this girl was insanely genetically gifted. unreal. and an interesting person AND professional and all that.

6:34 PM  
Blogger xtx said...

yay! you picked the same one I did!


6:46 PM  
Blogger Meat O' Benito said...

Add a moustache and a chin braid and she'd look just like Capt. Jack Sparrow with boobs and lady-plumbing!

And that is my latest and greatest fantasy.

. . . stupid Johnny "good thing I'm not gay for 'em" Depp :(

11:16 AM  

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