Sunday, July 16, 2006

Surreal Weekend

So far, our stay in LA has been tumultuous, to say the least, mainly due to the Grrl's illnesses. As of late, she has been feeling good, which allows us to truly experience what this fucked-up place has to offer. This weekend we attempted to make up for times lost. Dig it:

Fri night:
8:30 - dinner at our friend Carry Simon's new restaurant; Simon LA. It's located in the newly renovated Sofitel Hotel, across from the Beverly Center. His food and atmosphere are amazing! Yes this is a shameless plug, I highly recommend checking it out.

10:00 - we go to a fashon show which is being put on by a Playboy Playmate, who wants to shoot with us. Unfortunately there were some promotional difficulties with the show and she pulled out at the last minute. We got to hang out with her and her reality show camera crew (does everyone have a reality show now?) for a little while, and then took off so she could deal with the canceled show aftermath chaos.
This is her. Do u think we should shoot her?:

10:45 - Went to a lipstick lesbian fetish club that was being hosted by the model that we are planning on shooting next week. We got to "tresspass' into a world where men don't belong, like a foreign dignitary from the land of penis. There were semi-nude trapeze artists, girls getting flogged on iron crosses, and table dancers. The club looked like a music video. It was pretty much every boy's fantasy land, except none of the women had any intrest in men.

11:30 - The adjoining club had a goth fashion show, which was really interesting. The Grrl will have some pics up on her blog, I'm sure. I even met an Ozzy Impersonator.

Here is a pic of the girl we are planning on shooting next week, what do u think of her:

here is me and the Ozzy Impersonator:

1:45 - Damian got us in to this "exclusive" after-hours club called Xenni. It is the most LA event that I've ever experienced. Here's the deal: If you are male, you must have a membership to enter. Memberships are EXTREMELY RIDICULOUSLY ENORMOUSLY expensive. Completely unjustifiable unless u r a millionaire, which I am not. Females get in free. So the dynamic ends up being: rich hollywood guys and women that want to meet rich hollywood guys. Aside from the nauseating pretense, the setting was amazing. It was held in a football field-sized studio soundstage, with 30 foot tall movie screens covering one wall (which was like a block long). There were trippy projections on the screens, professional dancers, open bars, and food. We didnt stay for too long, but long enough to digest the experience.

Sat night:
We went to the Key Club to see a my pyrotechnician friend do a fire eating, fire blowing performance at a Psychobilly music showcase. Unfortunately due to club politics and a precident set by an ill-fated Great White concert, my friend was canceled. In true punk rock fashion, he said "fuck you" and took the show outside where he did a private performance for us and a few lucky passers by. The Grrl got some great pics!

We survived this insane weekend without puking, getting arrested, or being severely burned. I couldn't do it all the time, but it's nice that LA really stepped up and showed us some color.


Oh yeah, pls tell me what you honestly think of the 2 girls that I posted? Should we shoot em?


Blogger the pants said...

girl #2 is hot shoot her. shoot watered down vanilla pudding all over her. can i help?

um guys you better still be down for metalskool tomorrow give me a call!

8:15 PM  
Blogger Nate James said...

lipstick lesbian fetish club followed up by goth fashion show... what-a night...

7:34 AM  
Blogger kalipornia said...

lesbian party host = hott

other chick = meh but she has biguns...

10:55 AM  
Blogger xtx said...

i like the black haired scary girl the best.

11:50 AM  
Blogger hijacked frequencies said...

here via sweatyblister...

number 2 has my vote.

1:12 PM  
Blogger Scamp said...

Girl #1 is that Latoya Jackson?
Girl #2 tasty.


5:57 PM  
Blogger min_o said...

the goth lesbian with the tatts is the hottest. but if the other one is a Playboy Bunny - that alone could make her a valuable asset in your collection. depends on how close to Hef she is. does she have her own room at the Mansion? if she's just a groupie, then i think you could do better.

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girl #2 is hot as feces!

10:51 AM  

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