Monday, September 04, 2006

The 1st Grrl-less Weekend.

The Grrl is holiday-ing in that all-inclusive, sun-drenched, heavily hyphenated resort-town we call Canadia. I am trying to keep myself busy to make the days go by quicker, which means drinking and TV/guitar/video game marathons.

Fri night
Hit 6 bars in Silverlake, including the Tiki Ti, which is LA's oldest tropical drink cantina. I made friends with the owner, who's father opened the place in 64. He told us the history of tropical drinks, about "Old Hollywood," and seeing the beatles perform.
We also went to a burlesque club, a strip club (for about 30 seconds), saw a shitty band at starland, a french bistro, and a dark hole in the wall without a sign. I assure you, much drunkeness ensued

Sat night
Went to an interesting birthday/charity house party. There were go-go dancers, models, actors, a great fire show, and these amazing acrobats. The acrobats are called "Realis." Here's a You Tube video of them when they performed on America's Got Talent (however, they were naked when they performed at the party):
(scrub past the talking at the beginning to see the action)

America's Got Talent- Realis (Finale)

Sunday was really low key, watched season 3 of Nip/Tuck on DVD. HOLY SHITNESS! That show is fucking intense. I forgot how much I liked it.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a good holiday weekend.


Blogger grrlsweat said...

awwwww... keep it up love. it's actually NOT raining all day here today - just a few sprinkles! hallelujah! crispin just made some mini poos on a very long walk. now i'm starbuncksing it before dinner. i'm still 3 hours later than everything here. i love you. xo.

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