Thursday, September 21, 2006

Correction for XTX

According to wikipedia (which IS on the internet, so it HAS to be correct):

"Dr Pepper's flavor is allegedly derived from a mixture of soda fountain flavors popular when the drink was first devised. A partial list of these flavors can be seen at the bottling plant in Dublin, Texas, although the formula itself (with its twenty-three ingredients) is a closely guarded secret. Contrary to a popular urban legend, Dr Pepper does not and never has contained prune juice."

Maybe it only contains prune puree, or the popular synthetic prune substitude "Proonoximal glycimide #78."

Either way it makes me poo.


Blogger xtx said...


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Blogger verlaine said...

Dr. Pepper is close to Mr. Pibb. Dr. Pepper in bottles or cans I would say is better than Mr. Pibb, however Mr. Pibb as a fountain drink (and with lotsa ice) is as close to heaven as pop gets. Other than that, Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb may have almost the same ingredients.

I followed the link over here from the starz thing at grrlsweat's page. Those were really cool.

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